Monday, September 12, 2011

8x8 art show at Riverside Studios

this is one of mine, i gotta be honest here...this one makes me barf now. in retrospect i would have used a softer color palette.

this is Leo's contribution, see what I mean? he just went for it and it turned out really awesome.

i still like my blue giraffe guy....

i called this one "the field"...usually i don't name my paintings.

it was great how you could get up close and really check out each painting

so super fun! The 8x8 art show at the Riverside Studios in beautiful Truckee, Ca. was wonderful! 
every one that participated was handed plain old 8X8 blocks of wood and set free to create whatever we wanted as long as it could hang on a wall.
I had so much fun watching Leo's creative process. His 11 year old style is so  quick and free, while I take my time and revisit my paintings often.  As is the case with both of my kiddos, I envy their complete freedom in their approach to artwork. So carefree! And, as is the case often...I ended up liking Leo's art better than mine.
Anyhow, this was such a great experience, very interesting to see how different every one's 8x8 wood blocks came out...and some of the proceeds from the sales go to help the Trails and Vistas organization.
just to keep things real...this is where Leo spent most of his time that evening...out front playing f*@!ing angry birds. his first art show can't even top the allure of that highly addictive time wasting piece of crap nonsense. oops, did i sound a little upset there? anyhow...just remember, this world NEEDS art (not angry birds) so keep on creating!

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