Sunday, September 18, 2011

sunday night people

in my never ending fascination with creativity and my quest to make a little sense of my blog, i have decided to start a regular feature called sunday night people. 
i want to pick the brain of creative people...what makes them tick? then I'd like to share the results of the brain picking here. 

anyhow, let's get started. I would like to introduce a friend i met in high school, Darwin Meiners. he has always been a funny, bold and creative guy. as a matter of fact, he has so many projects going on, i have the feeling i am leaving something many hours are in his days?

in no order of importance Darwin is a film maker, musician and a talent manager. well, actually he is David J's manager who was in Love and Rockets, a band most of you will remember from the 80's. I think Darwin must really like that band because he covers them in a band called luv n rockets. and doesn't it boggle your mind that he is now managing David J from the real band? anyhow, i can't get over it, that must feel like a trippy dream come true. Darwin is also in a band called Five Beats One that sounds great as well.

and just in case some of you out there are thinking...all of this? well, he must be single and doesn't have kids to take care of. WRONG! He has a lovely wife, two cute kids and a full time "real" job. sooo....just in case there is a creative project you are putting of due to lack of more excuses! now enjoy the interview.

  • What do you create?
Music is my main focus but I also have made indie films as well.  I also consider the management I do with David J to be creative.   

  • What inspires your creativity?
I never know how to answer this question.  For the most part I just HAVE to do it.  I can't imagine my life without it.  But throughout the days, months, etc I find a variety of things inspire.  Many times it's due to a challenge - Can I do that?  Forcing myself to do things out of my comfort zone also is very inspirational.  Then other times going "home" to what comes natural is the best thing for me.  Events, feelings, people - everything inspires me.  

  • Why do you create?
I don't have a choice.

  • If you found yourself on a deserted island and survival stuff was taken care f (food, clothing, blah blah) what 5 items would you bring?
Laptop (assuming there's power!), acoustic guitar, microphone, my music collection and headphones

  • What is your dream outfit?
Immaculately tailored Italian 3 piece suit w/ Beatle boots.

  • What is your perfect day?
Breakfast with my wife and children.  Then writing/recording all day.  Dinner with wife and kids.

  • What do your days look like in reality, when do you find the time to create?
Wake up.  Work all day.  Come home to dinner.  Put kids to bed.  Hang out with wife for a bit.  If I am in the mood (or am required to by deadline, etc) I go out to my studio around 9pm and work until I can't anymore.  It's not pretty!

  • What is your proudest creation? (besides kids...)
In order and not necessarily based on quality:  1)  First Secret Courtesy CD 2)  'Like Lightning' short film 3)  Five Beats One EP

  • Were you a creative child?
Yes.  My mother was told by several people that I should be an engineer or in advertising.  I have always had a knack for getting people together as well even at a young age I was able to gather kids together for various projects, games, etc. 

  • Please describe how you see the relationship between creativity and monetary compensation..."making a living off your art."
I have never been in a situation where I could make enough money for this to be an issue!  I have to feed my family so I need a job that allows me to do that.  I also need to feed myself, my soul.  I have the opportunity to work in an environment that supports my music and film so it works out well for me.  I know some people that have the opportunity to make their living with their art and most of them are pretty happy doing it.  However, there are some of them that hate it.  They are totally burned out making $ in their art and also find that it effects how they make the art.    The best part of my situation is that I never have to consider payment or compensation in anything I do.  I like that.

  • Who inspires you?
Depends on the time.  

  • What is the place of art in the world?
I believe that art is essential.  Art is communication, it's how we express ourselves.  Music, for example, has been a major part of social change.  Can you imagine the 60's without music?  For some people, myself included, there is no "choice" to make art.  You must.  It's like breathing.    

  • How do you work through creative blocks, if , of course, you have ever suffered through one.
I have come across this and it can be pretty tough.  For the most part I try to not work when I'm not inspired or motivated.  But sometimes when you are in the midst of a project you have to.  In those cases I just force myself to go out to the studio.  Sometimes just getting out there and listening to something, or playing around with an instrument or setting will get you going.  Sometimes you end up just sitting there staring at the computer screen.  

  • What do you say to people that claim they are not creative?
My guess is that they just haven't found out what their outlet for creativity is yet.  I've never met a child that wasn't creative.  Some are more than others, but never have met one that has no creativity at all.  I don't believe we lose that.  Perhaps some people just lose sight of it or can't tap into for a variety of reasons.  

thank you Darwin!


  1. yep Darwin is quite a fellow...and you are quite creative yourself missy, answer the questions!