Monday, October 31, 2011

felty acorn ball thingies...DIY

Step 1: obtain some of this felt wool stuff from craft store or here.
Step 2: wet the wool in warm/hot water

Step 3: with soapy hands (any soap will do) roll the felt...experiment with what works for you, be patient and roll it like a ball of clay. it will turn onto a tight sphere.(that's what she said;) ) add more thin layers of the felt and stop when you like the size of the ball (again, that's what she said ;) )
Step 3: let the balls dry. (oh no, I have the humor of an 11 year old I wrote Let The Balls Dry, I laughed like Beavis.)

Step 4: find some acorn toppers and hot glue those balls in...(oh no...if you could read my mind right now you would think I was Beavis or Butthead...not a 40 year old woman. why does the mention of balls send me into a weird teenage boy state of mind? what is wrong with me?)
Step 5: Enjoy your balls HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  1. amy -super awesome! isn't this fun! we did this same project just a couple of weeks ago.
    if you need MORE wool felt roving, please let me know. I have tons!

  2. I am so going to try this and love your humor laughed about 5 times heheheh:) hailey