Wednesday, November 9, 2011


 a friend with a baby girl on the way asked me to paint a mural on her nursery wall! she chose a tree with birds and wanted it to be personalized, that is why there is a mommy, daddy and baby bird, all of the family initials "carved" in a heart, a dog print for their "first baby" and mushrooms...(i'll just leave those to the imagination!)
the colors she chose (pink and gray) combined with a FANTASTIC chandelier she found make the room seem sweet and sophisticated. i looooved spending time in a soon to be nursery. it got me daydreaming back to the days of rocking in a rocking chair, nursing baby and feeling completely content.  
anyhow, if anyone out there wants a mural and lives close...i want to do more! i shouldn't be limiting..if you live in Italy and are willing to spring for my flight, i GUESS i could do that also. ;)


  1. So sweet and cute I love it and the little personalized heart with initials so darling
    Hailey bop.

  2. Oh AMY! I love this mural! you are so artistic! Im completely jealous of this baby! love ya, melissa