Monday, November 26, 2012

2nd grade art fun

I had the wonderful opportunity to sub in a second grade classroom last week, i was told to come with some crafts and here is what happened!
pointillism art using pencil erasers and ink pads (these actually were not as much fun as i thought they would be...i think the kids agree although these examples are pretty cute)

pipe cleaner and yarn word art (an idea lifted from the wonderful world of giddygiddy)
now this project exceeded my expectations and really centered and focused the kids in an extraordinary likey a lot!

lucky dad!

and you can NEVER go wrong with some leaves (gathered on a nature walk) and GOOGLY EYES!!!! and while you are doing this project you must repeat the words GOOGLY EYES over and over with a bunch of kids until you forget what GOOGLY EYES even are anymore!

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