Thursday, November 15, 2012

the question....

"so, what do you do?" an innocent enough question, right? we meet at a social gathering, I ask you, you ask big deal right? except for me it kinda is...because I never know how to answer it. my problem is that i do so many odds and ends kinda things that i do not have just one answer. 
so what do i do?
a. list all of my things i do:
1. baby boot camp instructor
2. personal trainer
3. preschool/elementary school substitute teacher
4. etsy shop owner
5. Room With a Past curator
6. daycare provider
7. cupcake flavor sign lady (see above)at Sinful Bliss
8. occasional commissioned artist for room murals, tattoo designs and other artwork  
9. full time mom!

and watch as eyes glaze over

or b. answer in a vague way that makes it seem like i am hiding something i.e.
"oh, you know...keep busy!"
and watch as eyes become guarded as in "what is this lady she one of those suburban mom drug cartel ladies i've heard so much about?"

sooooo, is this even a real problem? do any of you creative types out there ever encounter this dilemma? how should i answer the next time "the question" comes up?

1 comment:

  1. You should say "Well, I do a variety of different things around the community. Though, my favorite job is being a full time mom." Then, if they are curious to know more about your other jobs, you can go into further explanation. Xo!